Long Beach


Cindy Allen

Cindy Allen (Courtesy)

Allen has a firm understanding of the racist history behind the exclusionary zoning that continues to lock vulnerable communities out of many neighborhoods. She will work to tackle the legacy of those segregationist policies, and will make greater access to greener modes of transit a priority for the city. The AHLA Action Fund proudly endorses Allen for Long Beach City Council District 2.


Suely Saro

Though Saro does not present a thorough plan for fighting the housing crisis in her district, she expressed support for upzoning and reducing reliance on cars. Her opponent, meanwhile, has taken a firmly anti-density stance. In January, Dee Andrews voted against placing a proposed $298 million affordable housing and homeless services bond on the Nov. 3 ballot, citing opposition from homeowners. Saro will work to remove barriers to housing production across Long Beach.


Tunua Thrash-Ntuk

Of all the candidates for Long Beach City Council this year, Thrash-Ntuk offers the most comprehensive plan for solving our housing and homelessness crisis, detailed on her website and in her lengthy response to our questionnaire. In addition to her stated priority of social integration, Thrash-Ntuk places especial emphasis on climate change, and her step-by-step climate action plan does not disappoint. If elected, she will fight for the communities most impacted by the interconnected climate and housing crises.

It’s also worth noting that Thrash-Ntuk’s opponent, Al Austin, voted against the city’s bond proposal for more affordable housing and homeless services. The AHLA Action Fund proudly endorses Tunua Thrash-Ntuk for Long Beach City Council District 8.

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