Culver City


Freddy Puza

Puza recognizes the impact that scarce housing has on the environment, and its roots in racist housing covenants enforced until the 1960s. He will work to end the exclusionary zoning that continues to keep Culver City neighborhoods out of reach for historically marginalized communities. He strongly supports upzoning and greater investment in public transportation. The AHLA Action Fund proudly endorses Freddy Puza for Culver City.


Yasmine Imani McMorrin

McMorrin supports adopting upzoning to stimulate housing production, and prioritizing affordable housing in new housing developments. Like Puza, she also supports greater density and improved public transportation access. The AHLA Action Fund proudly endorses Yasmine Imani McMorrin for Culver City. 


Darrel Menthe

Menthe supports a wide range of measures that we believe are critical to the fight against the housing crisis. He opposes parking minimums and supports greater density, decreased reliance on cars, and greater walkability for Culver City. Menthe correctly points to the social and environmental costs of sprawl and the resultant long commutes. The AHLA Action Fund proudly endorses Darrel Menthe for Culver City. 

Ballot Measure RE

YES on Measure RE

Measure RE is a proposed graduated, or progressive, tax on real estate sales. Funds generated by this measure will allow the city to invest in recovery from the pandemic, essential infrastructure and services, and affordable housing. 

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